We empower app creators.

Kovalee turns apps with high potential into worldwide successes. Leveraging unique in-house tech & expertise, we partner with app owners to bring their apps to the top. Kovalee is on its way to becoming the leading European mobile app publisher.

What we do

We identify apps with high potential: the hidden gems

Some apps don't yet have the success they deserve. Thanks to their extraordinary content, they are diamonds to be. We're here to turn them into a diamond.

Product enhancement & monetization boost

The product experts of the Kovalee team will work with app creators to improve the app itself. Let's shape this diamond.
The tools

App Store Optimization

A good product isn't enough. The app should be visible and shiny. Our team of experts will take care of the ASO and make the diamond shine brighter.

User Acquisition

Kovalee finances 100% of the UA spending and produces thousands of creatives. Your extraordinary content is now available to everyone: the diamond is complete.
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Our Commitment

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Kovalee specialises in all aspects of making a mobile app successful. With the Kovalee Program, our team will become your team

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Our team is coming from diverse mobile backgrounds and has worked collectively with 100+ successful apps in the past.

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You’ll immediately get access to the best tools and resources to compete against the market leaders in your vertical. You don’t have to pay us, we will work together.

Who we are

A team of experts in the mobile industry

At Kovalee we have gathered a team of experts in all operational aspects of a mobile app. Our team specialises in User Acquisition, App-Subscription-Monetisation, UX and UI, Appstore Optimisation and Creative. We are here to support you during your Kovalee journey.

We share the same vision

Whether you are an independent app developer, an established app company or any creative mind with a great idea and outstanding content. We have one shared goal: Making your app successful and giving it the attention that it deserves.