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By Paolo Manca, Growth Specialist

How We Mastered Google Ads on iOS with a Lower CPI than Android

By Damien Soulard, CTO & Co-Founder

AppMD: How to optimize app performance from a technical standpoint

By Baptiste Fieulaine, User Acquisition Manager

SKAN 4.0: How to leverage this new version of Apple’s attribution solution

By Axel Portalupi, Creative Lead

Why UGC works better for app creatives and ads every time

By Heba Berti Guirguis, Head of Growth

How one creative reduced CPI three-fold for Bend

By Lilian Suzan, Head of Product

A/B testing for mobile apps: what it is and how we use it to boost conversion rates

By Vincent Hart de Keating, Chief Executive Officer

Why mobile app publishing is the right way to go for app creators in 2023

By Sofia Bogunovic, Marketing manager

I have an idea for an app. Now what?

By Sofia Bogunovic, Marketing Manager

7 tips on mobile user acquisition for beginners

By Sofia Bogunovic, Marketing Manager

Top 13 mobile app development conferences in the world 2023

By Kovalee Team

Introducing our new brand: Kovalee

Apple’s App Store Product Page Optimization Is Out!

By Bastien Delaly, Lead Data Scientist

Forecast: The Machine Learning model used to predict the User Lifetime Value has reached 88% accuracy.

By Kovalee UA Team

Our Smart-Bidder is now compatible with Ironsource