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We use data & tech to empower app creators and turn them into worldwide successes

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Kovalee is an app publisher bringing the publishing model to non-gaming apps

At Kovalee, we believe in a world where any great content creator can take their app to #1 in their field. Today's app landscape is saturated, and oftentimes, even apps with the best content and code can't reach their fullest potential because of a lack of resources. We are here to fix that.

Why Kovalee?

Graphite and diamonds are both made of carbon. To turn graphite into a diamond, though, carbon atoms are rearranged into a covalent structure. This gives diamonds their beauty, strength, and longevity.

We bring covalence to mobile apps, transforming them from hidden gems into sparkling diamonds.

Our 3 pillars of covalence

Your potential

No matter the size of your team, we believe you should be given a fair chance to be #1. We believe in the apps we work with & empower them to fulfil their fullest potential.
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The power of tech

New technologies, smart tools, and a data-driven approach form the foundation of our recipe for success. We help you build scalable  app businesses for the long-haul.
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Human creativity

By automating everything we do, we free up our time to think and create instead of getting bogged down in repetitive tasks. Human creativity is our biggest asset.
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Meet our team

With over 10 years of experience in the app space, our team is comprised of experts in user acquisition, ASO, monetization, UI/UX, creatives, and more. Our partners can have peace of mind in the knowledge that their apps are in the best hands.
Vincent Hart de Keating
Co-Founder & CEO
Damien Soulard
Co-Founder & CTO
Frédéric Châtillon
VP of Finance
Philip Seifert
Head of Apps
Heba Berti Guirguis
Head of Growth
Julia Esteban Edo
Head of People
Ece Lulecioglu
Business Development Manager
Sofia Bogunovic
Marketing Manager
Bastien Delaly
Lead Data Scientist
Filippo Tosetto
Lead iOS Engineer
Toky Rakotondratsimba
Lead Data Engineer