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with Kovalee

While you focus on content & code, we take care of everything else to boost your app to #1. Oh, and we pay for it all too.
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With Kovalee, you'll enjoy:

A team of experts

Dedicated to UA, ASO, monetization, UX/UI, creatives, and data

More resources

Everything you'll need to compete against the best in your field

Key investment

We'll pay for everything, and share the profits with you long-term

A true partnership

With no financial risk for the app creators - it's all on us

The best tech

You'll have access to our full suite of state-of-the-art tech to boost your app

Experience & knowledge

10+ years of experience with apps & a wealth of data at our fingertips

How to partner with us

Apply to be a partner

We conduct an assessment

Let's partner up!

What are we looking for in an app?

Great developers

We're looking for people who love what they do and are expert coders

Killer content

We love the extraordinary, unique content you're passionate about

Small teams

Teams of 2-15 people to manage content & code, while we do the rest

On an app store

You need to already be published on Google Play or the App Store

Ambition to be #1

Willing to be committed full-time to and share our mindset to become #1

English speakers

We work and operate primarily in English with all our partner apps

"Our mission at Bend is to help people stretch every day. The more people we reach, the closer we are to achieving that goal-which is why a partnership with Kovalee makes sense. The ability to scale while maintaining profitability allows us to commit to our mission over the long-term, and to provide a great product at an accessible price point."

Jeff Pellicano
Founder & CEO of Bowery Digital

To spread the message that everyone can have their own personalized motivating companion and to help improve people’s lives we found that a partnership with Kovalee was the best way to move forward. The partnership has allowed PepTalk to reach a wider audience without sacrificing profitability, allowing us to help more and more people reach their goals.

Clement Cousin

CEO of Dark Knight Inc.

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