Uplife iOS: 4x in Revenues in Just 1 Month Through Creative Optimisation

Uplife is a great app that operates in the mental health space, published by Kovalee. It achieved remarkable growth, multiplying its revenues by four in a mere month. This is a result of a strategic approach to creative optimisation which consisted of expansive and rigorous production and testing of creative campaigns.
Written by
Hippolyte Renard
App Manager
Published on
May 3, 2024

We Tested 10 Key Messages & Identified the Top 3

Uplife’s app content offers much value to its users and we believe the creatives we put out should display that. By analysing in-app data, we identified 15 distinct value propositions that resonated with users and drove long-term user engagement. These served as key messages for the creatives to be tested.

3 key messages stood out among the rest:

1. Be Happy in Your Relationship

2. Be Your Own Therapist

3. Defeat Anxiety

For each key message, we produced 5 unique videos. This was done through Kreator, our in-house programme which provides us with an extensive base of user-generated content. After the creative production, we began the testing and analysis for the app’s creative campaigns.

These creative tests and optimisations took place automatically on Kovalee’s creative management platform, Kwartz. Creatives are first uploaded directly to Kwartz, either from the Kreator program or from in-house production. Kwartz then automatically generates campaign-ready creatives to be launched and updated directly to Meta, Tiktok, or any other relevant marketing platform.

Through the results and learnings from Kwartz, we identified the winning creative:

This Creative Multiplied Uplife’s Revenues by 4x, And It's Only Just The Beginning

With the ultimate creative in hand, Kovalee swiftly implemented it across all relevant campaigns, leveraging the automation capabilities of Kwartz to streamline the process. Complemented by Krome, another in-house tool adept at managing bid strategies and budgets, exponential growth was imminent.

In just a month, this creative has fuelled UA campaigns on many networks, multiplying the revenues fourfold while increasing the profitability (ROAS) of the app. This remarkable achievement is merely the beginning of Uplife's journey towards even greater success.

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