How Bend became the No. 1 stretching app worldwide*

User LTV
Creatives Produced

Bowery Digital is a NYC-based product studio that’s successfully created the top stretching app on the App Store. In less than a year following the beginning of the partnership between Bowery Digital and Kovalee, the design changes brought the LTV from $0.35 to $3 (US iOS), using Karbon, a unique A/B testing technology created by Kovalee. 

On the growth side, both teams worked together to create the best marketing campaigns. Close to 1,000 creatives have been produced and tested by Kovalee, and the campaigns running on the main networks generated over $300k+ in revenues per month, growing by 40% month over month.

*in terms of downloads and cohort revenues.

Bowery Digital
Our mission at Bend is to help people stretch every day. The more people we reach, the closer we are to achieving that goal—which is why a partnership with Kovalee makes sense. The ability to scale while maintaining profitability allows us to commit to our mission over the long-term, and to provide a great product at an accessible price point.