Refer an app.
Make their day.
Earn up to €5000.

At Kovalee, we're always on the lookout for apps we call "hidden gems". These are apps with great content and code that just need a little bit of a boost to become a leading app, or "sparkling diamond".

Know someone with an app that might fit the bill? Think your friend, colleague, special someone, or family member might be on the brink of the next big thing in apps? We want to hear from you.

How it works

We've launched a Referral Program to connect with new apps and help them reach their maximum potential.
You refer an app and if we sign it, you can get up to €5000 euros!


If you know someone with a great app with untapped potential, join our Kovalee referral program and fill in the form above!


Depending on the app's metrics, we'll decide whether to make a partnership offer. This will determine your referral reward!


If we decide to enter into a partnership with an app you've referred, then you will earn anywhere up to €5000.

Full Name

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How we can help you

Full Name

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How we can help you

Full Name

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How we can help you

What are we looking for in an app?

Great developers

Know someone who's simply an awesome developer? Someone that can write great code & translate any idea into an amazing app? 

Killer content

We're looking for extraordinary content that might be hidden inside ordinary apps, and experts in their fields who produce great content.

Small, expert teams

We're interested in teams of 2-15 people with unique expertise in specific areas. They'll take care of content & code, we'll handle the rest.

App store presence

We currently work with apps that are already published on Google Play or the App Store and have an existing user base.

Ambition to be #1

Our partners all need to be committed full-time to the development of their apps and share our mindset and drive to become #1.

English speakers

We work and operate primarily in English, so it's important that we're able to comfortably communicate with our partners.

About Me

We're Kovalee! Nice to meet you.

Of course, you're not going to refer an app to someone you don't know. So let us introduce ourselves! We are Kovalee, a leading international app publisher, bringing the publishing model to non-gaming apps.

Our team of experts, with over 10 years of experience in the industry, help apps reach #1 in their categories. How? It's simple. Our partner apps focus on content and code, and we take care of everything else from monetization, user acquisition, app store optimization, and UX/UI design.

Oh, and we pay for everything.

Trusted by some of the app world's brightest diamonds