Our Manifesto

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Our Purpose

Kovalee empowers mobile app creators.

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Our Mission

Use science to turn any app into a worldwide champion.

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Our Vision

A world where any great content creator can make the #1 app in his field, regardless of their resources.

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Why Kovalee?

Graphite and diamonds are both made exclusively of carbon. In the process of turning graphite into diamond, the carbon atoms are rearranged into a covalent structure. This covalent structure gives diamonds their beauty, strength, and longevity.
We bring covalence to mobile apps. We transform apps with potential into worldwide leaders.

We are Kovalee.

We believe in you

Small companies, experts, groups of passionate, talented developers. We believe you deserve to be number one. We believe your expertise and your content should be accessible to all. We believe you’re a champion and we’ll work with you until everyone sees it and your potential is fulfilled.

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We believe in science

We believe in new technology, in a data-driven approach to success, in smart tools that self improve over time.

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We believe in human creativity and intelligence

We automate everything so the humans can think and create instead of repetitively doing the same task.

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Let's work together to make your app successful!

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