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What you get

Access to a team in each field

Partnering with Kovalee gives you instant access to a team working on UA, ASO, Monetization, UX/UI, Creatives and Data. We will equip you with all resources and tools needed to compete against the very best in your vertical. You will never have to pay us anything, we take care of all the UA investment and share the global profits together. We believe in complete transparency while working, so you will get access to the same tools that we’re using and you will see exactly the same data as we do. During the partnership, we’ll be one team striving to make your app a worldwide success. Kovalee has a unique knowledge base and expertise that we have built from years of gathering data from the top verticals in the app stores. We’ll use this data and knowledge to improve your app with you!

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How it works


We work with the best app developers in the world, with highly driven individuals that want their app business to be successful and compete against the very best in their field. Our partners are experts in app development and bring leading content expertise, we take care of everything around it to make sure your app becomes successful. If this sounds interesting, please apply via the link at the bottom of this page and fill in the questionnaire with some information about your team and your app. We will review your application within a few business days and get back to you shortly.

Let’s talk and assess your app

After we reviewed your application, we will invite you to an exploration call to give you more insights into how we work and answer all questions you might have. During the assessment phase, we’ll need to assess your app’s performance based on several engagement and marketing metrics. If you haven’t provided the different app metrics during your application process, we’ll need access to an analytics platform in your app and marketing metrics. If you’ve never run marketing campaigns for your app before, we can set up a test campaign for you with our own resources.

We’ll make it happen

Once we started the partnership, we’ll start working on the app. We’ll prepare a product roadmap and produce the first creatives, start the first marketing campaigns, and iterate on the ASO in order to maximise performance. During the whole process, we will work as a team to make your app successful, supported by our cutting edge tech. You will also have access to all tools that we use and all data that we see. Once we see that the app can become profitable , we can scale the user acquisition and increase volume and revenue.

Our Technologies


Our secret ingredient

The Krystal forecasting tool is the keystone of our technologies at Kovalee. We analyze millions of data points coming from our applications. We tested many powerful machine learning algorithms to finally come up with our own secret sauce. We are now able to predict the future lifetime value of a user after only 3 days in the app with great accuracy.


Jarvis, handle my creatives please

The Kwartz creative tool analyses the performance of all live creatives and automatically refreshes them on all advertising platforms (Facebook, Unity, Snap, TikTok…) to maximise performance.


User acquisition on steroids

The Krome smart bidder automatically manages all your marketing campaigns more precisely than any human.
The campaigns’ optimization on major networks is fully automated. The Smart Bidder aggregates all the campaigns from all the networks in one place. Based on the LTV forecast provided by the Forecast, the Smart Bidder calculates the future ROAS of all campaigns and automatically changes the bids and budgets at the highest level of granularity.


Crack the App Store algorithm

Kobalt is our smart ASO tool, a unique toolbox for ASO. Using public data, real data coming from our marketing campaigns and our in-house algorithm, it analyzes accurately the ASO changes, identifies automatically the most relevant keywords for each application and automatically uploads new metadata on the stores. We believe this tool is a game changer in the ASO space.


Find in no time the best version of your app

The Karbon A/B testing tool is a unique tool that automatically predicts the winning version of any A/B Test for any app in a few days. Thanks to the Kovalee Forecast, it calculates the forecasted LTV per user per version of the A/B Test. We can improve the apps 10 times faster.

Let's work together to make your app successful!

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