AppMD: How to optimize app performance from a technical standpoint

Taking care of your app’s technical health is essential to optimising its performance. Even with a powerful marketing and UA strategy, if your app has performance issues, making it a success won’t be possible. In this article, I’ll explain a few simple ways you can ensure that your app is performant and drives app downloads.
Written by
Damien Soulard
CTO & Co-Founder
Published on
November 6, 2023

1. Embrace the latest SDKs (and actually use them)

One of the challenges our partner apps at Kovalee face most often is that they struggle to stay on top of the latest versions of all the SDKs they use, such as Amplitude or RevenueCat, for example. You should always use the newest version of these tools as they tend to be more performant and have fewer bugs. However, implementing and keeping all of these tools up to date is time consuming and can be tedious work. That’s one of the reasons why we developed our own, proprietary SDK here at Kovalee.

Our SDK acts as a “wrapper” around all of the other SDKs app creators may be using. It facilitates and automates the implementation of all of these SDKs. More importantly, by updating the Kovalee SDK, all other SKDs within it will be automatically updated as well. This reduces implementation times to just one day, significantly diminishes all errors and and helps users with troubleshooting all bugs. By using an SDK like ours, app creators can minimise these issues that normally take a significant amount of time to solve.

2. Monitor your crashes as the important metric they are

One of the most important app performance metrics you need to measure is your crash rate. This is key as you cannot know what’s happening in this regard once your app is in production and it could be the root cause of your performance problems. Use a tool like Firebase Crashanalytics from Google or BugSnag to track crashes in your app and to get details and context about it. With these tools, you’ll be able to understand when each crash happens, what the end user did when it occurred, and even the specific line of code that crashed. This information is integral in helping you fix the problem.

Getting your crash rate under control is essential for your app to start ranking highly on Google Play and the App Store. The lower your crash rate is, the higher your app will rank. You should have a crash free rate of a minimum of 99.8% to be in the top apps.

3. Test, re-test, and triple test your app

Your app’s user experience needs to be seamless to boost mobile app performance. On a technical level, the best way to do that is to unit test the logic of your app, making sure that it’s correct and that you avoid regressions when you introduce new features or edit your code. Unit testing is where you isolate a piece of code that tests the behaviour of a function or class. It’s the lowest level of testing whereby a developer will assess a set of conditions that need to be true and some that need to be false to test the function or class against. This is a necessary step before end-to-end (E2E) testing, and you can learn more about it by going through this article here.

4. Take performance monitoring seriously

Even after your app launch, monitoring your application performance is going to drive app usage, app engagement, and retention. For iOS app developers, for example, Apple is providing an API to check the performance of your app with user data and metrics like the average launch time, the amount of memory the app uses, the amount of battery the app uses. For all of these metrics, the lower you can keep them, the better it’ll be for your app.

One of the must useful elements of tracking performance in this way is that you’ll be able to gather enough data to conduct a detailed comparison of your app performance between two releases.

Yes, Kovalee can help you improve your app’s performance!

Whether you’re working with iOS or Android, we have a team of specialists at Kovalee who would be delighted to help you take your app to #1. We partner exclusively with subscription apps for mobile devices, building ad-hoc teams of experts in user acquisition, ASO, product optimisation, UX/UI design and more to bring your app the success it deserves. The best thing about working with us? You won’t have to pay us a thing!

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