Our Smart-Bidder is now compatible with Ironsource

User Acquisition: Ironsource campaigns are now fully automated thanks to the Smart Bidder.
Lumos UA Team
November 15, 2021

What is the Kovalee smart bidder?

It is a magical tool for the realm of User Acquisition.

The platform analyses the results of all your campaigns, predicts the future ROI of the most recent users using Machine Learning, and immediately changes the bids and budgets of your campaigns on all the major networks at the highest level of granularity available.

Following Facebook, Google, Apple Search Ads and Snap, the campaigns on ironsource are now fully managed by the Kovalee Smart Bidder. We are now one step closer to the full automation of our UA.

Concretely, the Smart Bidder is an automation tool that can instantaneously change the bids and budgets of the user acquisition campaigns. This is attained using the Lumos Forecast (based on Machine Learning) which calculates the future Return On Ad Spend, for all of the apps in our portfolio.