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What we do

When we start working with an app, they're not "big". It's our job to get them there. As an app publisher, we partner with apps and enable them to focus on content & code while we take care of everything else.

We invest in the apps we believe in, and create ad-hoc teams of experts to help them reach #1 through ASO, user acquisition, product improvement, and monetization.
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Our expertise

Every Kovalee partnership consists of investment and an ad-hoc team of experts to help you scale and grow.


We help the apps we work with develop the right monetization strategies for their apps, turning them into sustainable businesses.

UX/UI design

Our Creative team builds all the creatives for user acquisition marketing campaigns and every asset needed for ASO.

User acquisition

To grow the apps we work with, we develop and implement effective user acquisition campaigns in a cost-efficient and impactful way.


We work with the app creators to improve the apps themselves, testing and iterating different versions until we find the winner.

App store optimization

Our ASO experts drive the visibility of our apps on the App Store and Google Play by creating strategies that last for the long-term.


We use our own, state-of-the-art technology to boost any app's chances of making it to #1 through data and science.

Our state-of-the-art tools are expressly tailored to boost an app's success and bring it to #1 in its respective category.

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"Our mission at Bend is to help people stretch every day. The more people we reach, the closer we are to achieving that goal-which is why a partnership with Kovalee makes sense. The ability to scale while maintaining profitability allows us to commit to our mission over the long-term, and to provide a great product at an accessible price point."

Jeff Pellicano
Founder & CEO of Bowery Digital

To spread the message that everyone can have their own personalized motivating companion and to help improve people’s lives we found that a partnership with Kovalee was the best way to move forward. The partnership has allowed PepTalk to reach a wider audience without sacrificing profitability, allowing us to help more and more people reach their goals.

Clement Cousin

CEO of Dark Knight Inc.

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