How technology backed A/B testing and a hybrid monetization model helped PLAW to succeed.


Increase in User LTV


Increase in Monthly recurring profits

The Story

Plaw is a phone customization app, developed by Humblecraft, an app development company based out of Paris. With Plaw, users can pick their favorite Live-Wallpapers and add them as their background or screen-saver. Before partnering with Lumos, the app had slow growth organically and the strategy to monetize users was limited.

The Solution

After starting the partnership, it was clear that the team had to diversify the monetization strategy, so Lumos chose a hybrid model leveraging In app Ads, one time In app purchases and different subscription products. With the help of Lumos, the team at Humblecraft quickly implemented those changes together with a smart ad logic using the unique Lumos Mediation Waterfall Optimization Technology. The optimization didn’t stop there. With the help of the Lumos A/B testing technology, the team was able to test several versions of the app at the same time and accurately forecast the User LTV per version, which allowed them to make powerful decisions in terms of App design and Monetization changes.

The Result

Implementing these data backed changes, the app saw immediate improvements in the numbers. After implementing and testing the ads logic, the app saw a 3-fold increase in forecasted User LTV. After running several AB tests on the design of the app and the User Experience, the team managed to increase the User LTV by 5x compared to prior to the partnership.

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