How WeBurn is leveraging Lumos’ expertise and technologies to massively grow revenues and user base


Increase in average User LTV

The Story

WeBurn is a fitness App tailored towards a female audience. It is developed by the App developer Freshminds GmbH based out of Hamburg in Germany. Prior to partnering up with Lumos Apps, WeBurn has seen most of its success in the D-A-CH region, being featured in the German Appstore and generating 100 installs per day organically. To give the App the attention it deserves and to grow it on a worldwide scale, Freshminds partnered up with Lumos Apps.

The Solution

When kicking off the work on the project in January 2021, Lumos saw many opportunities for improvement not only in the app, but also in the overall marketing strategy and execution. With Lumos’ expertise and team of experts in the 4 main pillars, ASO, Monetization, User Acquisition and data driven Design, Freshminds was able to purely focus on creating the best possible content for its users and to improve the development work on the app. The powerful Lumos Tech working as an engine, enabled the team to make relevant and impactful decisions based on data.

The Result

The number of paying users rose from 0.5% in early January 2021 to above 4% at the end of April the same year, despite the declining seasonality after January. With the constant improvements on the app, Lumos was able to scale more and more the marketing efforts and managed to catapult the app into the top 70 Health and Fitness Apps in many countries worldwide, including the United States. On a global scale, so far the average User LTV multiplied by 4 and the monthly recurring profits generated by the app increased by 10x.

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